Laura is a busy social butterfly in her 30’s. She has a demanding job in the London finance sector and she is always on-the-go. When Laura joined the Revolution Coaching Program (formerly “Fit Revolution”), she felt pretty off track and confused. She had been eating a healthy diet and exercising some. But Laura’s weight was creeping up and she had intense sugar cravings, low energy, and an unpredictable cycle.

After looking over Laura’s food journal, I could see why she was so confused. Most of her food choices were very healthy and she was not overeating. The trouble was that Laura’s meals were just a bit off balance, which was causing her blood sugar levels to fall and spike. These highs and lows made her sugar cravings worse and caused her to feel less energetic – yuck!

We set a goal for Laura to start eating three blood sugar-balancing meals every day. I did not give Laura any complicated instructions on how to go about eating a balanced meal. I just told her to eat some carbs, fats, and protein at every meal. The results were incredible! In two weeks her sugar cravings disappeared and she lost 4 pounds.

In our coaching sessions, Laura and I worked on several habits that allowed her to lose weight while still enjoying a busy social life in London and a demanding career in finance.

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Laura’s Tips

Understand the power of a balanced meal. Make sure you know which foods are carbs, proteins, and fats and try to eat all three at every meal. It will keep you feeling energized and satisfied.

Pack your gym bag the night before. Laura loves to hit the gym in the morning, but sometimes it is hard to get motivated when that alarm clock buzzes. Laura packs her gym bag the night before so she feels prepared to honor her commitment every morning.

Don’t skip dinners out with friends – just plan ahead. Do not hide away in your apartment all weekend just because you want to lose weight. It is possible to go out and have a great meal and meet your goals. Simply take some time to decide what you will order before you arrive at the restaurant. Choosing a healthy option ahead of time will keep you on track without stressing you out or ruining your social life.

Erika’s Pro Tips

Have a plan B workout. Life is unpredictable. You will sleep in, your boss will ask you to work late, or you will just feel tired. Whatever it is, you can count on some of your workouts not going as planned. Try having a 10-15 minute alternative workout plan on hand for these moments. It’s better to get a little exercise in rather than none at all. You can walk home from work or just jump rope for 10 minutes.

Never drink and order. We all know that alcohol lowers your inhibitions. For many of us, those lower inhibitions will trigger poor nutritional choices. When eating out, do not drink any alcohol until you have ordered a healthy entree. Don’t let your cocktail do the ordering for you.

Study take out menus. Delivery food can save you in a pinch and be a needed relief after a stressful day. Collect menus from the local take out restaurants and find a few that have healthy options. Mediterranean and Asian restaurants tend to have healthier dishes. Circle any healthy entrees and toss out menus that are not healthy. Now you have a stash of delicious and nutritious delivery options!

Use your hand to help with portion control.Using your hand to measure your portions is a discreet and efficient way to watch what you eat while on the go.


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I’m a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I also happen to have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I help guide guide women living with PCOS toward a lifestyle that gets their symptoms under control so that they have the time, energy, and confidence to thrive. My tips, plans, programs, and guides cover all the information I wish I had when I was first diagnosed.

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